Win Your First Bracelet With MTT Secrets From A 3-Time WSOP Champ

Bracelet Hunter is the only program where you get to look over the shoulder of a WSOP Champion as he wins a bracelet. Get the golden strategies that everyone else would miss.

If you’ve always wondered what your face would look like when you finally strap on your first gold bracelet...apparently, this is it!

I used to keep this photo in a frame near my desk so I could show them the oversized, quintessential OMG THIS IS AWESOME expression on my 25 year old face.

It took me 8 years before I would find myself on the podium again. This time it was for winning the Online High-Roller bracelet for $341k.

Now, most people see pictures like this and immediately think that winning the bracelets was all luck.. They wonder how could someone POSSIBLY run SOOO GOOD to win a bracelet twice. I mean winning one is hard enough, but two? That’s like lightning striking twice in the same spot!

Of course we know the real truth..

Poker is a game of skill, and over the long-run, players who can exercise emotional control and consistently make +EV decisions control their own destiny.

And because our outcome ISN’T fixed, it’s clear we must take control of our preparation for the highest ROI tournaments.

Because the skills and strategies converted into muscle memory today will morph into bulletproof confidence the next time you’re deep. 

That’s why I’ve put together Bracelet Hunter: the only course dedicated to winning a tournament (or a WSOP bracelet once the next one rolls around!). 

This program was born directly from the 1-1 trainings with my students and staking stable during the past two years. 

In fact, this year I’m not allowing students or horses to register for an event until they go through the program. If it’s requisite education for players I’m financially invested in, don’t you think it’s good enough for you too? 

Players ask me all the time... 

“Hey Chance, what drives you to grind so hard at your tournaments and WSOP year in and year out?”

Want to know the truth?

It’s fear. Fear of regret. Fear of wishing some day I’d seized more opportunities in the soft tourneys.

Fear of standing in the parking lot of the Rio walking to my car for the last time at Summer’s end and knowing deep down that I didn’t play my best. 

The easiest way to alleviate this fear is to focus on what’s in your control and prepare better than the competition.

Chance Kornuth

Dominate Your Next Tournament
With Bracelet Hunter

The Bracelet Hunter program is broken down into 3 modules. 

  • In Module 1, you’ll listen firsthand to exclusive in-depth interviews with my closest poker advisors - all of which have had massive success at the WSOP for over a decade. They share insights and strategies you can use for any tournament both this summer and beyond. 
  •  In Module 2, you’ll look over my shoulder as I fully dissect every hand played from my WSOP High-Roller victory for $341k. Common topics covered include virtually unexploitable ICM leverage spots, blind defense and playing OOP, adjusting to different stack sizes, and adjusting to different short-handed and FT dynamics. 
  •  In Module 3, you’ll transfer the knowledge from the course into your psyche via our 30+ question quiz.

Bracelet Hunter Strategy Series

Video Lessons

Approx. 3.5 Hours


Alex Foxen

Building Out A Schedule And Optimizing Tourney Day Prep
  • The differences between Day 1 and Day 2+ routines
  •  Understanding how rake, field size, and structure impact ROI’s
  •  The hidden benefit of late regging and when you should never do it
  •  Softest “must-play” tourneys of the summer for low and mid-stakes players

Joe Cada

Playing Your A-Game And Maintaining Focus During A Tournament
  • Avoiding burnout from the long summer grind
  •  Refocusing after taking bad beats for piles when deep
  •  How to stay motivated to play well and improve after hitting a big score
  •  Stack size adjustments on the bubble for 15, 25, and 40+bb 

Ben Lamb

Balancing Cash Games And Tournaments During A Tournament
  •  The optimal cash/tourney ratio for professional and recreational players
  •  Differences in strategy between $1500’s and $10k+ buy-in events
  •  How to quickly identify players you can punish on the bubble 
  •  Maximizing EV from swapping in big events

Joe McKeehen

The Strategy And Skills Required To Win The Main Event
  •  Why the main event requires a completely different preflop approach
  • 'Preflop and postflop adjustments to the two hour levels
  •  Bubble advice specific to the main event
  •  Virtually unexploitable ICM Leverage spots you have to take

Tournament High-Roller Victory Review

Video Lessons

Approx. 5 Hours


Early Stages

How To Approach The Early Stages
  •  Flatting and 3b’ing ranges when 250bb+
  •  Deep stack cold calling ranges
  •  Hidden indicators for profiling opponents early so you can exploit later

Build The Stack

Building A Stack As The Bubble Approaches
  •  Identifying when to “Go For It” and risk getting stacked in exchange for a big stack
  •  How to develop the courage to follow your intuition and eliminate ANY fear of bubbling
  •  Understanding how to adjust to GTO regs and rec players

Leverage & Punish

Stack Leverage And Punishing The Bubble
  •  GTO stack size adjustments for the most common scenarios
  •  Ideal stack-sizes and hand selection to execute 4-bet bluffs
  •  Identifying the situations where you can raise any two cards pre-flop

Smart Aggression

Using Smart Aggression In Short-Handed Play
  •  How to accumulate chips even when you’re card dead
  •  Defending ranges from the Blinds and how to pick up post-flop pots OOP
  •  How to increase 3b’ing freq with weak hands and get away with it

Final Table

Identifying Final Table Dynamics And Heads-Up Strategy
  •  The #1 “Final Table With A Big Stack” mistake you want to avoid
  •  Profiting from short-handed situations when your opponent is “In The ICM Cage”
  •  Strategic transitions from 9 handed to 6, and then 5 until heads-up 

Multiple Choice Quiz

40+ Questions

The 40+ question quiz at the end of Bracelet Hunter is the key to ensuring you (and your subconscious mind) have learned the key principles in the first two modules. Going through this quiz (which you can take multiple times) will show you how much you're learning. It's a great way to know whether you're ready for your next tournament.

You’re Getting 

Guaranteed Strategies

Our Win-Or-Your-Money-Back Promise From Chip Leader Coaching

Chip Leader Coaching’s Bracelet Hunter program comes with a 14 day 100% conditional money-back guarantee. 

I’m confident the knowledge gained in this course will pay for itself immediately in your next session, so I’m willing to freeroll you into improving your game. 

Just in case you run through the course and don’t think it’s The Nuts, after 14 days simply email [email protected] with proof that you completed the course and implemented what you’ve learned and I’ll refund your money.

“I take your game as seriously as my own, and you have my personal promise that these strategies will have you going deep and getting big scores more often - no matter your level.” 

- Chance Kornuth

Get Bracelet Hunter right now for just $297

Here's what you get instantly after signing up:

 Hand for hand breakdown from Chances’ WSOP high-roller victory for $341k in 2018

 Hand for hand breakdown from Chances’ high-roller victory for $341k in 2018

 Exclusive in-depth strategies from poker’s biggest WSOP crushers, including:

 Exclusive in-depth strategies from poker’s biggest WSOP crushers, including:

    Alex Foxen (GPI #1 Ranked Player)

 Alex Foxen (GPI #1 Ranked Player)

    Joe Cada (4-time Bracelet Winner, 2009 Main Event Champ)

 Joe Cada (4-time Bracelet Winner, 2009 Main Event Champ)

    Ben Lamb (2011 WSOP POY, 2x November Niner)

    Joe McKeehen (2-time Bracelet Winner, 2015 Main Event Champ)

 40+ question companion quiz to ensure the knowledge is fully absorbed

 Ben Lamb (2011 WSOP POY, 2x November Niner)

 Joe McKeehen (2-time Bracelet Winner, 2015 Main Event Champ)

 40+ question companion quiz to ensure the knowledge is fully absorbed

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Daniel Negreanu

#1 All-Time Live Poker Earnings

“Chance combines a deep technical understanding of the game with an incredible ability to read his opponents both based on their tendencies and body language. I enjoy having him at my table for the banter, but he is tough to play against.”

Shaun Deeb

Two-Time WSOP Bracelet Winner

“Chance is the one guy who thinks of more creative spots than I do, and one of the few guys I try to consistently talk strategy with. To my students, I always recommend they hire Chance for his expertise in live NL MTT’s.”

Anthony Zinno

WSOP Bracelet Winner and Three-Time WPT Champion

“I’ve played 100’s of hours in high-stakes tourneys with Chance. His ability to see subtle details in a hand is what separates him from other players. Each time we discuss hands together I’m able to come away with a new breakthrough for approaching tough spots.”

Jesse Sylvia

WSOP Main Event Runner-Up, WPT Borgata Champion

“I have been lucky enough to have had many poker conversations with Chance, and I am continuously impressed by the fact that I never leave one without learning something. It is a testament to his insane work ethic: Chance is constantly thinking about spots, analyzing them, coming up with unique lines, and, most importantly by far, trying them in real settings at the highest stakes. He pushes the envelope constantly, unafraid of coming out the other side occasionally looking foolish, knowing that the benefits far outweigh the costs. In my life I’ve met two people in poker who relentlessly push the line in this way: Chance and Vanessa Selbst, and I doubt it is coincidence that both have been disgustingly successful at the highest stakes of the live tournament world.”

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